Supreme Court Hears Cases About Use Of Race In Redistricting

Supreme Court Hears Cases About Use Of Race In Redistricting

How does Google Maps know? Earlier this year, queries on accessibility were added to the questions asked to these users, and with millions of answers, Google now feels confident enough to start displaying the results on its listings. It sources the answers from its "Local Guides" - Google Maps users who answer questions about the places they visit on everything from cost to quietness. After you put down a point, you can add details into You can put in links to things such as your MLS listing, single property websites, etc.

Then click "create new map" near the top left corner, and start plopping down points of interest. Local, accurate information from a human, whether in the form of Google maps, single property websites, or hyper-local sites, is one of the best advantages we can provide as real estate agents, and it's one of the hardest areas for national conglomerates and huge search sites to break into. Google maps have been around for a while now, but there still aren't very many real estate agents who use them on their personal or farm real estate website.

Whether you're focusing on a neighborhood or a subdivision, you can quickly and easily use Google maps to create a useful, local resource that you can provide to your farm or use to attract buyers interested in the area. (AP) - Federal judges have told the North Carolina legislature to redraw its own districts by mid-March to replace ones the court struck down and to hold a special election under redrawn maps in November 2017. Once you've created your map, you can then embed it on your site or link to it by clicking "Link" near the top right corner and cutting and pasting the code they provide.

Either way, they're an easy and effective way to show you're a local agent. You could also add the same Google map to your single property websites for maximum exposure. It's an alternative to intensive search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. Kimall with the aim of forcing your site onto Google's front listing page. The System is a video course that outlines how to set up your site or business within Google maps to maximize traffic. It was developed by a Mr.

A Google maps listing appears as a small map of your local city with your physical business location pin-pointed and a bubble attached that highlights pertinent information. When a customer searches for certain key words, a small map is placed ahead of all search results, within a box that contains ten local business listings. By registering or 'claiming' an operation with a physical address of your choosing, you place yourself as a target for the maps classification.